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Art History

Performance art is art where the actions of an individual or a group at a particular place and in a particular time, constitute the work. It can happen anywhere, at any time, or for any length of time. Performance art can be any situation that involves four basic elements: time, space, the performer's body and a relationship between performer and audience.

Performance art is a term usually reserved to refer to a kind of usually avant-garde or conceptual art which grew out of the visual arts.

Performance art, as the term is usually understood, began to be identified in the 1960s with the work of artists such as Allan Kaprow, Youri Messen-Jaschin who coined the term happenings, Vito Acconci, Hermann Nitsch and Joseph Beuys. Western cultural theorists often trace performance art activity back to the beginning of the 20th century. Dada for example, provided a significant progenitor with the unconventional performances of poetry, often at the Cabaret Voltaire, by the likes of Richard Huelsenbeck and Tristan Tzara. However, there are accounts of Renaissance artists putting on public performances that could be said to be early ancestors to modern performance art. Some performance artists point to other traditions, ranging from tribal ritual.

Performance art genres include body art, fluxus, action poetry, and intermedia. Some artists, e.g. the Viennese Actionists and neo-Dadaists , prefer to use the terms live art , action art, body art performance, intervention or manoeuvre to describe their activities.

Performance artists include:

* Alan Abel
* Marina Abramovic
* Vito Acconci
* GG Allin
* Laurie Anderson
* Joseph Beuys
* Mark Bloch
* George Brecht
* Alexander Brener
* Stuart Brisley
* Robert Delford Brown
* Günther Brus
* Chris Burden
* (early period) Cabaret Voltaire
* COUM Transmissions (later Throbbing Gristle)
* Danny Devos
* EXIT (members Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher later formed Crass)
* Diamanda Galás
* Gilbert and George
* Jack Goldstein
* Youri Messen-Jaschin
* Deej Fabyc
* Judas 2 (formed by Pete Wright, formerly of Crass)
* Istvan Kantor / Monty Cantsin
* Allan Kaprow
* Wladyslaw Kazmierczak
* Gordon Matta-Clark
* Jamie McMurry
* Charlotte Moorman
* Otto Muehl
* Hermann Nitsch
* Yoko Ono
* Dennis Oppenheim
* Nam June Paik
* Richard Piegza
* Carolee Schneemann
* David Sherry
* Joey Skaggs
* Litsa Spathi
* Survival Research Laboratories
* Wolf Vostell
* Welfare State Theatre Group

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